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To add my thoughts on naked time…

January 30, 2006

I would like to talk further about Casey’s blog on naked time. I agree with the idea brought up about the way upbringing affects our feelings on nakedness. In anthropology classes, you have to watch a lot of movies about indiginous tribes and there is no blocking out the nudity. It definately makes many students uncomfortable at first. For the tribe members, however, they can walk around in front of the researcher with no clothes on, get their picture taken and get filmed without any hesitation. Now, to take my blog a step further then Casey I would like to add on the idea of body image. Since they are raised from birth being exposed to things we would feel uncomfortable around, such as breast-feeding, they do not have the self-conciousness about their bodies that we do as Americans. There are not women with eating disorders that are killing themselves to be smaller and smaller. I know this goes off topic of pornography, but I think that it is all rolled up in a bigger ball of things. They correlate because it all comes back to the way we view nakedness and the body. I’m not suggesting that we have our children walk around naked with us in our homes to prevent eating disorders, obviously this would not work. However, maybe there is something we can learn from them. That is why we study other cultures, to learn different approaches to making life better, right? I’m not sure what the answer is, but it is worth spending more time thinking about it.


In the eye of the beholder…?

January 28, 2006

In lecture three, there is a lot of discussion about the difference between the terms “erotica” and “pornographic.” I think the only thing we can all agree on is that there isn’t a set definition we can all agree upon! My friend started a pornographic magazine at her college called “Boink!” and it instantly became a huge hit across the U.S. Some of you may remember seeing her interviewed on MTV a year or two ago. She is what I would consider a “sex freak” and she always has been. Anyway getting to my point, the lecture brings up the fact that anything that is disrespectful to women is considered pornographic. Well, I am definately no prude myself, but some of the things she does definately seem borderline disrespectful and therefore, according to the discussion, would be pornographic. Now, if you were to ask her, she would argue that she enjoys the things done to her so she finds it to be erotica. If she doesn’t feel disrespected and she is consenting to everything that is happening to her, can we call it pornography? To some of us it is disrespectful, but shouldn’t it be the girl deciding if she is being disrespected? For me, it is hard to make a distinction between what I feel is pornographic and what is erotica. I assume 99% of you agree with this. I’ve been sitting here trying to decide where the line is drawn between the two in my own mind and it is tough. Anal sex is gross to me, but does that make it pornographic? My friend would not agree with me if I were to say yes. So who decides, and is it even necesarry to decide? I think “erotica” was a term created just to make people feel better about what they were watching on TV and feel less perverted!


Study Ideas for my fellow peers.. READ!!!!!!!!

January 26, 2006

Hey all. I’m not sure if any of you are even going to read this but I wanted to pass along something helpful to all of you. I know many of you have never taken an online class before so maybe you were expecting less work! I, personally, cannot sit and focus on an hour long lecture while sitting in front of a computer. What I do is burn the audio version of each lecture onto a rewriteable CD and listen to it in my car. It takes me twenty-plus minutes each way to work and there is no getting distracted! ( well, maybe I should be paying attention to the road more but…)Anyway, with traffic, I can generally get through a whole lecture between work and back, or my commute to school. This is an extremely easy way to get through all of the lecture material with NO distractions. For those of you who don’t drive a lot(or at all) you can do the same thing on your IPOD or MP3 player and listen to lectures while you walk between classes. Some of you probably already do this or have thought of this before but I wanted to pass it along to everyone. It is very easy to fall behind in online classes when you don’t have a teacher in front of you, so try this out!!!


Hello world!

January 21, 2006

Hi, I’m Stephanie Simons and this is my first entry for our class. I am a junior communications major but I am graduating in december. Honestly, the main reason for taking this class is that I work full-time during the day and having an online class makes my life a whole lot easier. However, I think that it will end up being more work then being in class! I am also interested in the subject matter solely for the fact that pornography has had such an enormous impact on the media. Although I am concentrating on Public Relations, I still love learning about Mass media. I am very excited for this class!