In the eye of the beholder…?

January 28, 2006

In lecture three, there is a lot of discussion about the difference between the terms “erotica” and “pornographic.” I think the only thing we can all agree on is that there isn’t a set definition we can all agree upon! My friend started a pornographic magazine at her college called “Boink!” and it instantly became a huge hit across the U.S. Some of you may remember seeing her interviewed on MTV a year or two ago. She is what I would consider a “sex freak” and she always has been. Anyway getting to my point, the lecture brings up the fact that anything that is disrespectful to women is considered pornographic. Well, I am definately no prude myself, but some of the things she does definately seem borderline disrespectful and therefore, according to the discussion, would be pornographic. Now, if you were to ask her, she would argue that she enjoys the things done to her so she finds it to be erotica. If she doesn’t feel disrespected and she is consenting to everything that is happening to her, can we call it pornography? To some of us it is disrespectful, but shouldn’t it be the girl deciding if she is being disrespected? For me, it is hard to make a distinction between what I feel is pornographic and what is erotica. I assume 99% of you agree with this. I’ve been sitting here trying to decide where the line is drawn between the two in my own mind and it is tough. Anal sex is gross to me, but does that make it pornographic? My friend would not agree with me if I were to say yes. So who decides, and is it even necesarry to decide? I think “erotica” was a term created just to make people feel better about what they were watching on TV and feel less perverted!



  1. […] Throughout lectures three and four there is great discussion of what makes something pornographic versus erotic.  However, the line between pornographic and erotic cannot be easily deciphered, simply because what may be erotic to one person may be extremely pornographic to another.  In one of our classmate’s blogs it is argued that if a woman finds the things being done to her erotic can we call it pornography simply because it would not be something we would consider acceptable?  The difference between pornography and erotica (as stated in lecture four) is simply the fact of whether something is considered acceptable or not.  So the question of the women enjoying herself is not necessarily the main problem in deciding whether something is erotic or pornographic, the problem is simply deciphering whether something is acceptable or not, and to whom it is acceptable. […]

  2. […] I thought this blog was interesting. In response to Shimmy’s philosophies: I myself was sitting here watching the video clips and found it amusing the debate between calling something porn vs. erotica.  If a man enjoys erotica it seems like a dirty subject.   If a woman talks about erotica it seems to be more accepted.   The I agree that the term erotic was made to made to make people feel better about watching porn and to not feel as embarrassed had they been watching “porn”.   You also make a great point that different sexual acts can be acceptable to one person while to another they can seem like a disgusting thing.  I have a friend who every time a group of my friends get together we somehow always get to that topic of what kind of positions you like, what is acceptable to do and what not.  There is always that general consensus that anal sex is disgusting to most but in a room of 8 people at least 2 seem to be interested in anal sex.  It just proves that people have different likes and dislikes.  This shows you that the way people define certain topics is reflected in mainstream society what is a taboo subject to some turns out to be something of great interest to others.   […]

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