To add my thoughts on naked time…

January 30, 2006

I would like to talk further about Casey’s blog on naked time. I agree with the idea brought up about the way upbringing affects our feelings on nakedness. In anthropology classes, you have to watch a lot of movies about indiginous tribes and there is no blocking out the nudity. It definately makes many students uncomfortable at first. For the tribe members, however, they can walk around in front of the researcher with no clothes on, get their picture taken and get filmed without any hesitation. Now, to take my blog a step further then Casey I would like to add on the idea of body image. Since they are raised from birth being exposed to things we would feel uncomfortable around, such as breast-feeding, they do not have the self-conciousness about their bodies that we do as Americans. There are not women with eating disorders that are killing themselves to be smaller and smaller. I know this goes off topic of pornography, but I think that it is all rolled up in a bigger ball of things. They correlate because it all comes back to the way we view nakedness and the body. I’m not suggesting that we have our children walk around naked with us in our homes to prevent eating disorders, obviously this would not work. However, maybe there is something we can learn from them. That is why we study other cultures, to learn different approaches to making life better, right? I’m not sure what the answer is, but it is worth spending more time thinking about it.


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