Standing up for the cheerleading coach….

February 5, 2006

Now I’m not here to say that the cheerleading coach discussed in previous posts was 100% right in her decision to kcik a girl off her squad. However, I would like to take the opposite position of my fellow classmates who have commented. The first important thing to know in this case is how serious Tennessee takes cheerleading. Many of their college squads are ranked very high nationally. That being said, think of all the little girls who look up to these cheerleaders and have dreams of being just like them. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with working at Hooters. Hell, I’d probably do it If those socks weren’t so damn ugly. What I am saying is that as a member of a school team, you have to realize you are representing not only that team but the school you attend. Coaches say this to us all the time on our various teams throughout our schooling. I remember a specific instance where we stole some plant from a McDonald’s on a road trip and our Tennis Coach made us all practice on a Friday night for punishment, and on top of that we did conditioning the whole time. She says it was because we not only embarrassed ourselves, but our team and our school. I realize this girl is trying to pay bills(maybe) and is just trying to have a job. However, does it need to be at Hooters? Yes, the coach should be more understanding but I can see where she may be coming from, given the circumstances I previously stated. Hooters isn’t a disrespectful place, like one of you said, families go there. I think you would all agree with me though that they are selling sex, meaning that they want you to connect Hooters with pretty girls wearing short shorts and having big breats. This isn’t always the case but it is what you would think of.  I don’t necesarrily agree with the decision of the coach but I do understand where it is coming from and I want all of you to maybe take a second look at it from another perspective.


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  1. […] This is in response to Standing up for the cheerleading coach… but I disagree with you on the decision that the cheerleading coach has every right to kick her off the squad. In my own opinion that cheerleading is not a sport but for Title IX purposes it’s a sport. In Tennessee it’s a sport and it’s actually very popular at the colleges and I understand their theory on why it’s wrong and what she is doing to the team; she must have a life outside of cheerleading though. […]

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