If my momma wants to pose for playboy I’d be proud.

February 13, 2006

I wanted to respond to the whole meet the barkers conversation that has been going on. Sometimes I feel like I am always disagreeing with everyone but I have very open views about sex. If my mom wanted to pose for playboy, I would be supportive of her. You should be proud that you have a mother who is that beautiful!! In case anyone is wondering, yes I am a girl and no I do not think playboy is degrating. I feel that if you have young kids, get a Vchip and block certain channels like MTV who play more explicit shows during daytime hours. This should be your responsibility as a parent. I know when I was younger my mom would not let me watch MTV and WH1 because she thought the music videos promoted sex. Now that I am older I can see her point and agree that maybe young girls who are so impressionable should not being watching this. However, to not allow things like that on TV is not the answer to our problems in this country. As for the rest of the post about being a good role model, I think that it is ok for Shanna to be posing for Playboy. The human body is a beautiful and sexxy thing. It is not as if she is having sex in the magazine. That I would find wrong as a mother. So to recap my feelings, Mom in playboy? Good. Mom in Erotic porno’s? BAD.


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