February 17, 2006

I was reading Vanessa’s post about the amount of money spent by Americans on porn each year. I know that number seems like a huge number, even when it is broken down per person. However, you have to think about the vast amount of people that spend thousands and thousand of dollars. I looked on the playboy website to find some numbers to further justify this for you. Just to rent one erotic video on the Playboy channel can cost anywhere from 4.99 for just 15 minutes up to 64.95 for 600 minutes. It starts to make that number more reasonable just by looking at movie prices. Now think of everything else it includes! Im not exactly sure if you are talking about just advertising or everything in whole because you jump around, but America spends soooo much money on everything! We don’t realize just how many billions of dollars are made and spent each year. It makes you wonder why so many little countries are dying of starvation while we get our daily fill of porn. Sigh.


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