15 Billion? thats a low blow…. wink wink

February 19, 2006

I was reading how they estimated the annual revenue for prostitution in the U.S. and although the number seems high, I think it is too low! When you actually break down the numbers and analyze, it is very interesting. It says that if you use 500,00 fulltime prostitutes that only charge 20 each, you reach the 15 billion. Now we all know there are many many parttime prostitutes. That aside, Is it resonable to think the average charge is only 20 dollars?! I can’t even fathom this being true. Even if you made the average 40 dollars, it would be 30 billion dollars!!! WOW , right? Seems like such a big number. The best part about it is that most of the money is made illegally under the table! Just tihnk if they had to pay taxes on that. Maybe our country would have less debt! But I guess that it would be the same if drug sales were legal. That is not the answer so can you say prostitution should be legal? Probably not!


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  1. […] After reading this blog https://shimmy1682.wordpress.com/2006/02/19/15-billion-thats-a-low-blow-wink-wink/    I had to respond.  The first thing I need to make clear is that the amount of money made from prostitution can not be determined.  However if the amount is estimated to be 15 billion that is a very high amount.  I know the point you are trying to make is that it should be higher but 15 billion is a lot of money.  They came to that estimate by saying that prostitutes charge 20 dollars.  I have heard from around my neighborhood that they charge about 50-100 so I dont know how 20 even came up. Also when watching police stings on TV they always have a female officer portray a prostitute, and the guy will usually agree to at least 40 dollars for her services. So that high number of 15 billion should actually be even higher, more than twice as high. […]

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