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February 26, 2006



Here is the original post 


If you were to state that men like to watch porn, you would not produce any surprised expressions.  For many of them, it is a way for them to see sexual acts that they would never be able to come across themselves.  However, does anyone stop and think about how their girlfriends or wives feel? Perhaps these women feel jealous or insecure?Do they feel that their men are watching this because they aren’t getting what they need in the bedroom? According to a website that I found most women are ok with their guy looking at porn. The messaging board has women in all different situations adding their comments on pornography, much like we do here.

Many said that as long as they don’t get obsessed, or find them less attractive that it’s ok.  It’s a way for them to get new ideas and turn them on to stuff that they may never think of. Almost like taking lessons from a professional, like a college professor. Also mentioned a few times is the idea that having your man watch porn is better then them seeing naked women in real-life. I think anyone would agree with that!


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