Picture that…

February 26, 2006

After listening to lecture 12, a few things popped out at me. However, going through everyone else’s posts, I feel as though they’ve touched on my points and is it worth writing again if you can’t add anything different/better?

I did start to think about a few things off-topic though during the lecture that still can be based off our lecture topic. The idea of straight guys acting gay for pornos was so fascinating to me. I can see why they would do it, since it pays a lot more. However, the more I thought about it, the more it was hard for me to imagine. Guys pretending to be gay and having sex with other males? How can they do that without being grossed out? Now to take this even further, I can completely imagine women pretending to be lesbians to make pornos. Yes, maybe you would think it is because I am a girl. I don’t think this is why. Women making out with eachother seems more acceptable, possibly because we see it a lot more. Plus, guys get turned on watching girls make out. I don’t think many girls get turned on watching two guys make out. It interests me that I automatically thought that straight guys doing stuff for money was gross, but I wouldnt think it was gross if it was girls. Especially since I wouldnt make out with other girls, even if I was drunk at the bar. But yet, it seems acceptable. This is definately something to spend more time thinking about.


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