March 5, 2006

I noticed this last weekend and I wanted to repost it to see how many of you got a chance to try it out. This website mentioned on a blog is to find sexual preditors. It is broken into three categories of offenses. You can enter your address and a map appears of an area that is approximately a 5mile radius. On the map, little color-coded dotes appear, showing different sex offenders and where they live. When you click on them, a picture of the person appears along with the specific offense. Most of these people scared me! I mean, stuff that nightmares are made of. In my area, there were 16 males that were convicted of the worst sexual offense, committed on CHILDREN under 16 years old. Most were 11 years old and under. AHH! I didn’t realize how prevelant this was! Plus they are all around here! I didn’t have any within a mile of my apartment but I was still freaked out that night. There were almost 40 altogether with the three offenses. Everyone should try this so you are all aware and also because it is quite interesting. I was disgusted and extremely surprised.


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