80 degrees and sunny….

March 12, 2006

Well, I got to florida today finally and I couldn’t be happier! Now that I’ve rubbed that fact in, lets jump into another interesting porn blog. Today at lunch, my grandma and I began a discussion about this class. I found myself defending porn watchers immediately which is maybe a change since I started this class. My grandma brought up a good point about the difference between people who buy DvDs to watch and those who are always downloading/buying porn on the internet. I argued that they are completely different groups of people and that they shouldnt be classified together. She said that she believes that many of these online users started as the occasional DvD viewer and became obsessed with pornography. Is this true? Maybe for some. I don’t really agree with her though. I think that there are just different groups of people looking for different things out of porn. Sure, the occasional person maybe progress into an obsessed internet porn user but there isn’t a strong enough connection to support her theory. Maybe this has to do with the generation she comes from. It is interesting, however, to be able to take things from class and use them in discussions in real life.It could be a good topic to do research on, if it hasn’t been done already.


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