In-ta-me see response

March 12, 2006

A movie about relationships and the raw truth about sex. Yesssss. This post brings up a good idea. I started thinking back to my relationships and it’s funny. The most memorable, or “favorite”, relationships I have had were ones that there was great sex. However, most of these weren’t good in any other aspect. The relationship I am in now is definately lacking the intimacy thing even though emotionally we are so attatched. What’s up this this? I would love to see a movie made about this situation. Would there be actual sex in this video, though? Or was it not meant to be a porno? The post was a bit unclear because it says the movie was meant to turn people on. I think it would be great to have the interviews, follow them along but show their growth in the bedroom as well. Meaning, these people would have to be, or willing to become, reality TV porn stars. This could be a huge money maker. Certainly one of you Comm Majors wants to make movies? This could be the break you are looking for! Back to serious posting for a moment, I think this would be great in many ways besides turning people on. Sex is such a huge part of a relationship, whether you admit that to yourself or not. This relationship I am in now probably won’t last because of the lack of sexual desire. It is unfortunate too because he is such a great person. Sigh. Someone make this video to help me out!


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