If you still have your blog titled “cyberporn and society”, don’t expect to be listed in this post!

April 1, 2006

Picking three of my favorite bloggers was a great assignment because it gave me a chance to re-read a lot of blogs from this semester. There are a few that consistently stand out as enjoyable reads. To me, having original ideas is really important. I hate reading the same idea about a lecture ten times in a row. Also, the title of the blog is usually what catches my eye. Knowing this, I always try to make my title be something other than “responding to a post” or “what I thought about lecture 12.”


Here are three of my favorites, in no particular order!!





I love reading this, partly because I love the title “Deep thoughts” on Pornography!

The posts are very original and bring up points that actually make me think. Also, the posts are grammatically correct which makes it easier to read.




Curious George understands that it is the QUALITY not the quantity that matters in this class. The posts are written when there are things to talk about that are of interest, not just to always have three a week. I appreciate this.




Again, I think I read these posts because I like the title of the blog. Maybe this is a hint to everyone for future reference!!! Posts are varied in topic and are interesting. They have been showing improvement.


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