April 2, 2006

Let's face it. Men are not easily satisfied by one woman. I personally feel that many women feel the same way about their men. It's not that we don't love our partner; it is just that it can get boring. Perhaps boring is the wrong word. No matter how much you love someone, doesn't the idea of being with the SAME person the rest of your life seem outrageous? One way to keep you from this problem is porn. Watching others have sex, or even just looking at naked pictures of someone you aren't with, can help a man stay faithful. Why? It's all about the variety. Yes, you aren't actually physically with someone else, but it is a change from what you see every night when you go to bed. For many, this stimulation is enough spice to keep men from going elsewhere. More women should realize this and not get so offended when their man brings home a porn flick. I could see, being a woman myself, how some of them may feel like their husband or boyfriend is resorting to pornography because of something they aren't bringing to the table. This is not the case! By watching others have sex, a man can picture that he, himself, is having sex with this other woman. Men don't want to physically cheat on their women; they just need extra excitement and variety to keep things going. The lesson to take from all of this is to let your man explore! Websites and videos are not cheating. After all, you are the one he is touching, not them. Next time you are confronted with your man and a porno, be thankful he’s using them.


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