Don’t put all your *easter* eggs in one basket..

April 18, 2006


Well, if this Easter taught me anything, it was to not rely on technology working when you needed it to! I plan my week so specifically that when I couldn't post my blogs on Sunday it felt like I was never going to catch back up. I guess this is a good lesson for all of us that if possible we shouldn't wait till the last day to write our blogs! Now I'm at work spending time on my school work instead of what I am paid to do. However, isn't it always fun to have a reason to think about sex at work? Not that I need a reason with all the tan men in their 30's and 40's. Yes, there is definitely something about older men. What's even better is that men love younger women! Seems to work out well. What would happen if all of a sudden men starting enjoying women their own age or *gasp* older women? Not that they don't since teenage boys are usually infatuated with supermodels or their friends' moms. I'm talking real-world though. I think it all leads back to fantasy. Sure, I may have a dream or two about some of my co-workers but does that mean I am actively pursuing these older men around me? Hell no. Is it fun to think about when I am knee-deep in paperwork? Of course. This brings me to my point, finally. People don't understand how others can love porn so much. For me, and many others, pornography is a useful tool in fantasizing about things we can't have, or can't do. It doesn't make us bad people for watching it. Some people have gone through almost this whole semester and still think porn is evil. Hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, I hope that after reading my blogs and other classmates' blogs as well, they can start to see the other side of things. I'll always be against child pornography but a little fantasizing about older men never hurt anyone 🙂


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