Turning gay for an extra dollar

April 23, 2006

Something that has interested me most of the semester is straight men that do gay porn movies. I found a blog about this topic and the writer is homosexual. Now, he seems pretty adamant against the whole notion. From my understanding, it turns gay men on to see a guy they know is straight having anal sex with a gay man. I asked one of my co-workers about this and he quickly agreed that it turned him on. The blog I found did not have this same feeling. I guess there isn't a set answer because it varies from person to person. I still have such a hard time grasping the idea that these men would have sex with a guy just for money. It seems a lot different then two straight girls doing the same thing. I've spent the past few days reading tons of blogs about this subject and I am just more fascinated with every entry.  



  1. Hello there, as “homosexual writer” of the piece you link to in this post, I’d like to say that you may have understood me. My point was that the pornographers who run these sites or film these porn videos market theirs stars in it as “straight” even though they engage in ostensibly gay sex. A real straight guy getting fucked turns me on, not because he’s straight but because I’d do him! But there is no guarantee in the world athat any of those porn stars deserve the trademark straight just because they are marketed as such.

  2. If you ever talk to these “gay for pay” straight guys– you’ll find some really messed up views on sexual orientation. They could never self-identify as bisexual because they define that as totally 50/50. In truth, bisexuals skew towards one sex or the other. The other weird thing for me personally, is that I’ve bagged a few of these “gay for pay” guys without any pay. I consider these guys situationally bisexual or bisexuals with little resistence.

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