Monday mornings at the water cooler..

April 30, 2006

Nothing beats 8 a.m. conversations around the water cooler about straight guys banging each other just to get some extra $$. Yea, it helps that in my office there are mostly gay guys since I work in the tanning industry. No one cares about my other classes or even that I am in school but as soon as I say “so I was listening to my porn lecture this morning in the car…” everyone instantly walks over. I can’t say this about my other comm. Classes. How many people want to hear about the resume I just re-typed for business comm.? Yea. It’s so interesting how taboo this class is. No one ever believes me that I take a class about pornography. When I told my grandmother that I was taking the class she went into panic mode. What finally got her to accept the idea was the interview Dr.Halavis had in Time magazine. I sent her the link to read and she felt so relieved. I don’t know why anyone would think that UB would allow a class that taught kids how to have sex on tape but hey, what else would a porn class teach? It’s sad that Dr. H is leaving after this semester because more people should take this class. I hope he keeps teaching it wherever he may be going. The porn industry has done so much for technology! Maybe some government figures need to take this class so they can lay off and appreciate the strides made by the leaders such as the great Peter North. Sigh.


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