April 2, 2006

Let's face it. Men are not easily satisfied by one woman. I personally feel that many women feel the same way about their men. It's not that we don't love our partner; it is just that it can get boring. Perhaps boring is the wrong word. No matter how much you love someone, doesn't the idea of being with the SAME person the rest of your life seem outrageous? One way to keep you from this problem is porn. Watching others have sex, or even just looking at naked pictures of someone you aren't with, can help a man stay faithful. Why? It's all about the variety. Yes, you aren't actually physically with someone else, but it is a change from what you see every night when you go to bed. For many, this stimulation is enough spice to keep men from going elsewhere. More women should realize this and not get so offended when their man brings home a porn flick. I could see, being a woman myself, how some of them may feel like their husband or boyfriend is resorting to pornography because of something they aren't bringing to the table. This is not the case! By watching others have sex, a man can picture that he, himself, is having sex with this other woman. Men don't want to physically cheat on their women; they just need extra excitement and variety to keep things going. The lesson to take from all of this is to let your man explore! Websites and videos are not cheating. After all, you are the one he is touching, not them. Next time you are confronted with your man and a porno, be thankful he’s using them.


If you still have your blog titled “cyberporn and society”, don’t expect to be listed in this post!

April 1, 2006

Picking three of my favorite bloggers was a great assignment because it gave me a chance to re-read a lot of blogs from this semester. There are a few that consistently stand out as enjoyable reads. To me, having original ideas is really important. I hate reading the same idea about a lecture ten times in a row. Also, the title of the blog is usually what catches my eye. Knowing this, I always try to make my title be something other than “responding to a post” or “what I thought about lecture 12.”


Here are three of my favorites, in no particular order!!





I love reading this, partly because I love the title “Deep thoughts” on Pornography!

The posts are very original and bring up points that actually make me think. Also, the posts are grammatically correct which makes it easier to read.




Curious George understands that it is the QUALITY not the quantity that matters in this class. The posts are written when there are things to talk about that are of interest, not just to always have three a week. I appreciate this.




Again, I think I read these posts because I like the title of the blog. Maybe this is a hint to everyone for future reference!!! Posts are varied in topic and are interesting. They have been showing improvement.


Im not siding with child porn watchers, I swear.

March 26, 2006

I was doing my usual reading of blog entries to find something that interests me and I noticed everyone was talking about child porn from lecture this week. No offense, but it got boring by the 5th post of “child porn is sooo bad, these people are sick." There was a lot of this so I am not going to point out someone's specific link. Obviously anyone feels that way that doesn't watch it so it gets repetitive reading it over and over. However, it did get me thinking about WHY they love it so much. Yes, they are virgins mostly and it excites people to think about taking this fresh meat for a spin. Ok, cool. My point is that there has to be something that makes them like this. Bad experiences in their own childhood? Mental disabilities? I am not, by any means, standing up for those people out there that love child pornography. I just think it would be so interesting to interview these people and do a thorough investigation into their lives. I’m sure this has been done by so many psychologists. I strongly feel there is a correlation between some sort of event or psychological disorder and pedophiles. I want to spend some time this week searching for research examples so I will post more if I can find any good articles. If anyone has seen any research on this I'd love to hear it!


Hey hunny, your sister is a porn star..

March 25, 2006

That’s what I heard when I answered my phone a few nights ago. Definitely not something anyone expects to hear from their Mom. Now she isn’t my sister, she is my step-sister. I guess she really isn’t even that anymore since our parents got divorced but it still feels like she is. Maybe a lot of people wouldn’t be sharing this story with 400 strangers but I think that real-life connections to our lectures help us to understand the topic better. In a previous post earlier this semester, I made a comment on something Dr.Halavis brought up in lecture. He talked about the idea that people don’t have a choice when they enter the porn industry. I adamantly disagreed with him and said so in my post. Many other members of the class did as well. My views may have changed after finding out about my sister entering into the porn industry. Her situation is perhaps a typical one among porn actors. She never finished high school, had a baby out of marriage and eventually got bored with it and gave it up, and has moved state to state for some time. She was a child of divorce and may have psychological disorders. Where she differs, though, from the situations discussed in lecture was that she was from an affluent family, not a poor one. Without any education, what else could she do to make money? I still think she would be smarter to get her GED and find a respectable job but that isn’t who she is. Finding out about this made me rethink a lot of my views about the pornographic industry. It will most likely be reflected by a different tone in my future posts. Maybe we all need to try a little harder to understand where the opposite viewpoint is coming from. This goes both ways between those of you against or for the porn industry.


In-ta-me see response

March 12, 2006

A movie about relationships and the raw truth about sex. Yesssss. This post brings up a good idea. I started thinking back to my relationships and it’s funny. The most memorable, or “favorite”, relationships I have had were ones that there was great sex. However, most of these weren’t good in any other aspect. The relationship I am in now is definately lacking the intimacy thing even though emotionally we are so attatched. What’s up this this? I would love to see a movie made about this situation. Would there be actual sex in this video, though? Or was it not meant to be a porno? The post was a bit unclear because it says the movie was meant to turn people on. I think it would be great to have the interviews, follow them along but show their growth in the bedroom as well. Meaning, these people would have to be, or willing to become, reality TV porn stars. This could be a huge money maker. Certainly one of you Comm Majors wants to make movies? This could be the break you are looking for! Back to serious posting for a moment, I think this would be great in many ways besides turning people on. Sex is such a huge part of a relationship, whether you admit that to yourself or not. This relationship I am in now probably won’t last because of the lack of sexual desire. It is unfortunate too because he is such a great person. Sigh. Someone make this video to help me out!


80 degrees and sunny….

March 12, 2006

Well, I got to florida today finally and I couldn’t be happier! Now that I’ve rubbed that fact in, lets jump into another interesting porn blog. Today at lunch, my grandma and I began a discussion about this class. I found myself defending porn watchers immediately which is maybe a change since I started this class. My grandma brought up a good point about the difference between people who buy DvDs to watch and those who are always downloading/buying porn on the internet. I argued that they are completely different groups of people and that they shouldnt be classified together. She said that she believes that many of these online users started as the occasional DvD viewer and became obsessed with pornography. Is this true? Maybe for some. I don’t really agree with her though. I think that there are just different groups of people looking for different things out of porn. Sure, the occasional person maybe progress into an obsessed internet porn user but there isn’t a strong enough connection to support her theory. Maybe this has to do with the generation she comes from. It is interesting, however, to be able to take things from class and use them in discussions in real life.It could be a good topic to do research on, if it hasn’t been done already.



March 5, 2006

I noticed this last weekend and I wanted to repost it to see how many of you got a chance to try it out. This website mentioned on a blog is to find sexual preditors. It is broken into three categories of offenses. You can enter your address and a map appears of an area that is approximately a 5mile radius. On the map, little color-coded dotes appear, showing different sex offenders and where they live. When you click on them, a picture of the person appears along with the specific offense. Most of these people scared me! I mean, stuff that nightmares are made of. In my area, there were 16 males that were convicted of the worst sexual offense, committed on CHILDREN under 16 years old. Most were 11 years old and under. AHH! I didn’t realize how prevelant this was! Plus they are all around here! I didn’t have any within a mile of my apartment but I was still freaked out that night. There were almost 40 altogether with the three offenses. Everyone should try this so you are all aware and also because it is quite interesting. I was disgusted and extremely surprised.